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Bunn 1691 Tying Machine

  • Uses cotton string or polyester ribbon
  • Polyester ribbon can be used to tie postal containers or mail piece packages inside the containers
  • Cotton string can be used to tie almost anything together, i.e., internal mail deliveries, rags wood, etc.
  • Heavy duty construction
Bunn 1691_photo

Eagle 700

  • Self threading
  • Compact design - internal strap reel
  • Auto loop ejector
  • One piece arch
  • Adjustable height
  • High speed - 50 straps per minute
  • 5 - 6 or 9mm Strap (5mm thru 3/8 inch)
  • Various arch sizes available
  • Standard arch size of 25 inches wide and 16 inches high
  • 110 Volt - 5 am p system
  • Cycle by button or footswitch (photoeye switch & foot bar optional)
  • Smooth stainless steel table tops
  • Mechanical outside tension control
  • Locking casters
  • Fully automatic model available

Eagle 100

  • Up to 50% less sealing head parts than our competition.
  • Single piece, vibration resistant, heater bar.
  • LS1 limit switch (senses strap insert by the operator) is mounted outside the sealing head for easy inspection and adjustment. Most competitors still have theirs under the sealing plate in back of the head.
  • No fuses- all circuit breakers. Heavy duty 3 wire power cord and plug.
  • Adjustable cool time for high tension applications requiring more time to solidify the weld.
  • Safety electrical interlock on table top come standard. Touch pad control with automatic home.
  • Non-Contact tension detector for longer life.



Eagle 350 Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapper

  • Automatic or Manual operation
  • PLC (programmable logic controller) and screen controller
  • Automatic load-height sensor (ALHS) photo eye
  • Turntable resets automatically
  • Power pre-stretch unit available as an option
  • Ramp attachment option

Eliminate the hassle of strapping pallets or skids. The Eagle 300 automatically feeds strap through the pallet void.

  • Automatically feeds strap through the pallet void
  • Bandway (foot) folds up for ease-of-transport

Eagle 2000C Pallet Wrapper


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